Current Lab Members

Dr. Kimberley Davies, Adjunct Professor (FGS), Oceanography, Co-PI MEOPAR-WHaLE

Assistant Professor, Biology, University of New Brunswick

email: kim.davies(AT)
website: Kim Davies

Dr. Caroline Fox, Associated Researcher at ECCC

email: carolinehfox(AT)

Hansen Johnson, PhD Candidate & Vanier Scholar & Killam Scholar & Honourary Nova Scotia Innovation &Research Scholar

Educational Background
  • BSc Hon. Biology, Bates College, Lewiston, ME, USA
Research Interests
  • Marine bioacoustics with the MEOPAR-WHaLE project
  • Ocean glider technologies
  • Co-Advised by Dr. Mark Baumgartner, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
email: hansen.johnson(AT)

Meghan Carr, PhD Candidate, Oceanography

Educational Background
  • BSc: Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Biology, University of New Hampshire

  • Research Interests
    • Quantifying vessel-strike risk to large baleen whales in Canadian Maritime waters.
    • Advised by Dr. Angelia Vanderlaan, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
    email: meg.carr(AT)

    Delphine Durette Morin, MSc Candidate

    Educational Background
  • BSc 1st Class Hon. Marine Biology, Dalhousie University

  • Research Interests
    • Whale monitoring: comparison of visual and acoustical estimates.
      MEOPAR-WHaLE and Canadian Whale Institute
    • Advised by Drs KTA Davies (UNB/Dal) and M Brown (CWI)
    email: dl291016(AT)

    Marcia Pearson, Research Assistant

    Educational Background
  • MSc Oceanography, University of Bergen and University of Cadiz

  • Research Interests
    • Glider-mounted echosounder operations and analyses (zooplanktonic whale food).
      Drs KTA Davies & CT Taggart, Advisors
    email: mpearson(AT)

    Kimberly.J.Franklin, BSc Hon. Candidate

    Educational Background
  • BSc Candidate: Marine Biology and Mathematics, Dalhousie University

  • Research Interests
    • Sononbuoy acoustic monitoring and analyses (right whale behaviour).
      Hansen Johnson, Advisor
    email: Kimberly.J.Franklin(AT)